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Bloodmoon18.jpgSo we set the alarm for the crack of dawn only to find that the peak was almost an hour away. On top of Chalk Mountain the cold wind was howling and luckily I had a wind break to set up the tripod in but the lower the moon got, I had to move more into the open to get away from the trees that were ruining the shot. Now that I have the feeling back in my fingers, I was able to post this shot low on the horizon. The lights of Tolar and Bluff Dale can be seen off on the horizon. Just after this photo, the moon blended into the morning mist as the sun came up.

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Gallery at NightThis photo was taken during an open house at the White Buffalo Gallery in Glen Rose, TX. I had gone out to the truck to retrieve some camera equipment and looking back, I saw the ideal shot!


Whenever I photograph animals, especially dogs and cats, I try to make sure that the resulting image is what the animal looks life in real life! I do not know his name but the other day I was at Old Texas Wood, a reclaimed lumber yard in Dallas, looking for some material for a new table and came across the store’s watchdog – well, at least he was watching me. This establishment has a number dogs of all shapes and sizes roaming around and I assume the do perform some surveillance services at night. I passed by him a couple of times and could not resist the photo, especially since his color blended into the sample flooring that he was laying on.


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I am in the process of launching a new website and will be slowly changing everything over which will wake a week or so. While working on this I was thinking that as spring approaches I went back to some of the photos I took last spring and look forward to seeking out the beauty of the Texas hill country once again. The photo about was taken at the Comanche Lookout Ranch near Glen Rose, TX. For more photos is area, you can see my complete portfolio¬†by clicking here. Scott’s Portfolio.