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Once upon a time, I was a young sailor and had always heard about the “Red sky at night…etc” and never really knew where the origin was. So after photographing the morning sky south of Alvarado, I did some research and came upon this explanation. BTW – a major cold front is due this is afternoon, although not as brutal as what our friends up north are now going through but it does explain the fabulous sunrise I witnessed today.
In order to understand why “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning” can predict the weather, we must understand more about weather and the colors in the sky. Read on – 
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Tuf Cooper is a 4X World Champion Roper and comes from a long line of Rodeo stars, His father, Roy is a 8X World Champion Roper and his brothers are top hands themselves. When his name was announced, you could hear the murmur in the area so I set my camera up behind 3 oder cowboys who were watching fro behind the chutes. When Tuf starts his warm up routine you can see all heads turn his way. He scored 8.0 seconds on this run and the closeted roper to him was 10.0 seconds.It was very obvious why he is the World Champion!

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Over the next 2 weeks, the annual Fort Worth Stock Show is taking place and I will make a number of visits. Today, I came across the tie-down roping event which is pretty amazing and some of the top Cowboys in the US will be participating. In the photos above, I was sitting above the chutes and got some nice images, including a Father/Son day out at this event.

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