We occasionally go to “estate sales” in the North Dallas area, although I am not sure what we are really looking for. The last time I went I bought a pair of really nice old binoculars with real glass for only $10 dollars. So I put a new neck strap on them, got an updated case which now hangs behind the seat of my truck and comes in really handy at times.  While attending an estate sale in Dallas today, we ended at a house in Highland Park in which the occupants had moved to a Nursing Home. It seems a bit strange going though a house where every item has a price marked on it because it is/was the contents of someones house or home. Walking around upstairs,  I came across a door jam in an upstairs bedroom that had a door jam in one of the rooms that used to measure the height of the grandchildren! I am thinking to myself, why did not the kids or grand kids take that jamb off of the door and keep it? Quite sad actually. fullsizeoutput_3fea