Most everyone is aware that feral hogs are a real problem. Driving around Glen Rose it is not hard to see how bad the problem in that unless your property is fenced off, the hogs come at night and root through your yard, garden, etc. causing thousands of dollars in damage. It is almost impossible to exterminate them yet the people affected keep trying. Today at 6:30 AM, we were up to watch the latest attempt at hog eradication. In this situation, some local men with trained dogs showed up on Chalk Mountain to try their hand at solving this problem. They had a pack of specially trained dogs (with radio collars) whose job it is to find, track and chase down any feral hogs they can find. Some of the dogs are trained to hunt the hogs down and others (with the protective vests on such as the Pit Bull in one of the photos)  then go in and grab the hogs by the ears, feet, tail or whatever they can grab and hold it down for the hunter to come in a kill the hog! All the pictures here were shot this morning in a variety of locations as the dogs and their handlers roamed all over the mountain. When the dogs were ready and turned loose, they were all business and looked like a bunch of kids just turned loose in the candy store. However, no luck today but they will come back next week and hunt at night.