oldcemeteryIn rural Johnson County, Texas near Alvarado there is an old cemetery that I drive by occasionally but have never stopped there. My son alerted me that there was some nice foliage there so early this morning, he and I went by to take some pictures. In the middle of the old headstones were a couple of lovely trees that were blooming and a nice contrast to the large oaks which are just now budding out. I used the term old, this cemetery was founded in 1852! Just think of that – only 7 years after Texas Statehood and 14 years after the Battle of the Alamo. This area was the frontier at that time and only a year before, the Caddo Indians had staged an uprising which forced most of the homesteaders in the area to flee. Of course there was always the notorious Comanche Indians who raided from Central Texas to Mexico, over to New Mexico and into Oklahoma. They were always a potential threat in the area until the Second Battle of Adobe Walls in 1874 when the US Calvary got them moving back the reservation at Fort Sill, OK. I really dislike history in school but these days, find it much more interesting. SG