Fossil Rim is not your typical wild animal park. This facility is a research and preservation foundation that specializes in protecting and propagating endangered species such as the Atwater Prairie Chicken and the Cheetah. For example, the Cheetah in Africa is loosing its’ hunting grounds for a multitude of reasons resulting in shrinking the gene pool, Fossil Rim has an aggressive breeding program sending breeding animals all over the country helps dilute the gene pool. I live close to them and have recently done some drone for them cataloging the removal of cedars to support a grant they received. On this day, I was on a “back door tour” with one of the education specialist and was able to get up close and personal with some of the animals. The giraffe looks sort of goofy but actually was so close I hard a hard time getting an in focus shot. Photographing wildlife is always challenging but up close and personal makes it a no-brainer!