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scottgipson_conrad-8235IMG_3720My friend Conrad owns a piece of property on top of Chalk Mountain near Glen Rose, Tx that in every respect, looks like a scene from Tuscany. Conrad is a well known desinger who’s house looks like a Tuscan villa repeat with marble pillars and ornate gardens. Last year I brought my grnaddaugher here for her Senior pictures (color photo) and last week was there at night so I set up the tripod in the same place to get a sense of what a night shot would look like. Actually, I was waiting for the moon rise only to find out it would be way past my bedtime so I settled for the BNW above. We can see the Milky Way from here but there was too much light from the city. The specs in the top photo are actually stars and do look like specs on the lens. ¬†Now that fall is here and the air is clear, I will work on the moonrise and Milky Way soon.

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picknic tableHiking on Chalk Mountain late today, we came across an unfinished gazebo on a point overlooking the valley. The owner told me that the plan was to build a cover over this area with fire pit or BBQ grill but somehow time gets away from all of us and the party area was never finished. The solitary picnic table looks a bit lonely out here on the point and it seems a bit sad that this lovely area is not used by friends and family. Perhaps someday!

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I am in the process of launching a new website and will be slowly changing everything over which will wake a week or so. While working on this I was thinking that as spring approaches I went back to some of the photos I took last spring and look forward to seeking out the beauty of the Texas hill country once again. The photo about was taken at the Comanche Lookout Ranch near Glen Rose, TX. For more photos is area, you can see my complete portfolio¬†by clicking here. Scott’s Portfolio.