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Today, we stopped counting the days that we have self-isolated and are now waiting, along with everyone else, for this pandemic to show signs of waning and look forward to returning to some form of normalcy. We keep ourselves busy with cleaning, farm maintenance, planning our food buying, reading, binge watching TV, writing, photographing the local scenery and trying to give each other a bit of space. The recent sunsets on Chalk Mountain have been Kodak moments and I am happy to contribute some of my photos to anyone who can use them. My friend Jordan Johnson asked for some local scenery for his FB page and I am happy to oblige. We are aware that others have it much worse than we do and although sympathetic, we are not really sure what we can do to help except to stay away. Too much news and too much information can cause a lot of problems but we connect with friends old and new and try to reassure everyone that in the end, it will be OK.

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Swim time?

Driving past the Flat Top Ranch near Glen Rose, TX last night, we spotted a pond full of mature Elk bulls cooling off. I suspect that their species is not used to 90+ degree days and lure of a cool pond (in Texas we call them Tanks) is not to be passed up. The Flat Top Ranch is 20,000 acres of cattle and Elk and I seem to come across a photo opportunity every time I come by. I learned my lesson last year when photographing Elk grazing just across the fence because after I waded into high brush on the fence line to get a better shot only to find my legs covered with chiggers!

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