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The Navy’s Blue Angels fly near downtown Dallas last week.

So here I was all set up on the balcony of our apartment in Dallas waiting for the big show. I had seen the Blue Angels a number of years ago at Carswell so I thought I knew what to expect. Our balcony faces south (downtown) so I was watching some construction workers on the new Marriott off of Maple expecting them to start pointing when they saw them. Not! All of a sudden the Blue Angels were zooming by to my left and my attempt to get a video on the Cannon M6 did not work so here are a couple of shots I got on the first pass. The first one is them going behind the Polsineli building near downtown and then flying by the big comm tower near the AA center. On the 2nd pass they were much further south and thus, no pics.

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The Dallas Longhorn

Several years ago I stopped at Fuel City in Dallas which is on the banks of the Trinity River running along the edge of the city. While getting gas I noticed a small herd of longhorn cattle behind the building and (always having my camera with me) I started shooting. This one steer stood out amount the rest with his beautiful coloring and fine set of horns. The problem was that from where I standing, he was not moving. I did everything but throw a coke bottle at him but he stood still and here is the shot I got. Recently, the owner of Fuel City, John David Benda and I talked and he now has the file and most likely will place in the station below the mounted head of this steer (who died of old age). Where the steer stood then is now a car wash.

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